British Garden Birds

Nest boxes

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Nest box 1Box 1
This is one of the boxes that was built specially to put a web cam in. Last year it had Great Tits nesting and they're back again this year but a little later. The box is about 130mm x 130mm It's in a partially shaded location, about 15ft high, West facing and has a hole aperture of 32mm.
Camera link - You'll need to let your browser install the add-on from Zavio to view the image.

Box 2Box 2
This is similar to Box 1 but with a 28mm hole restriction and also with a camera. Blue Tits are nesting here this year and the first egg appeared 08/04/14 and the young are now just about ready to leave the nest. This box is slightly lower than Box 1 at about 12 feet and is North facing.
Camera link - You'll need to let your browser install the add-on from Zavio to view the image.

Box 3Box 3
This box has a base size of 120mm x 120mm and a hole aperture of 32mm. It's about 20ft high, south facing and partially shaded. This box is usually a favourite with the Blue Tits

Box 4Box 4
This box I bought as an open-fronted box but I've never had any takers for it, so as you can see from the picture I've put a front panel on. It has a base size of 100mm x 100mm, a hole that's 28mm and is West facing at a height of about 10ft. No takers yet this year.

Box 5Box 5
Another shop bought box similar to box 4. Although the Blue Tits have shown some interest in this box, it's never had any takers, preferring the slightly larger boxes. The entry hole has been repaired with a 28mm plate and it's West facing at about 12 feet.

Box 6Box 6
This one is identical to box 5 and is West facing at about 7 feet, but a little exposed. Never used, but I think that it'll have a better chance when it's more concealed by the clematis.

Box 7Box 7
This is the 3-in-1 box sold as a Sparrow terrace. Although there have been Sparrows nesting in the garden, they've never shown any interest in this box. We did however, have Blue Tits nesting in the centre section for the last two years. It's West facing in a sheltered position at about 10ft with 32mm holes.
Video of fledgling Blue Tit leaving the box: here